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Selling Gold? is here to help you find the best places to sell gold in your area. In today’s competitive precious metals market, it is important to find the best local gold buyers that will offer you a fair value for your valuables.  Just enter your zip code in our gold buyer store locator and find the best places to sell gold near you.

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Tips on How to Sell Gold for Cash:

1.  Deal with local, reputable gold buyers when selling gold. In this competitive precious metal market, it is important to find buyers with a proven reputation. Often, local buyers are motivated to pay you a fair price when you sell gold or other valuables to them as they want to earn your repeat business and generate word of mouth for their services in the community. Want to know where to find a reputable gold exchange? Type your zip code into our store finder and will show you where to sell gold in seconds!

2. Don’t sell gold at buying parties or by mail. Avoid selling gold at gold-buying parties or traveling “road shows” that offer to buy your valuables and old coins. Traveling gold buyers and individuals who organize buying parties are notorious for paying far less than local cash for gold locations. Most local, reputable buyers will offer a free quote while you wait and pay you in cash then and there, something mail-in companies will make you wait weeks for! Remember, these buyers don’t have much motivation to pay a fair amount when you sell gold or other valuables to them, they’ll be long gone before you cash that check!

3. Check the Current Market Prices.  The price of gold changes throughout the day, every day.  There are many resources online where one may find the current precious metal market prices. and are great sites to find this information. Knowing the current price will allow you to sell gold when it is at its highest. This means more money in your pocket!

4. Be Reasonable. Understand that no company will offer you the melt value for your items. Gold buyers typically sell the precious metals they purchase from customers to refiners for a percentage of the melt value.  In order to remain profitable, most they will offer you somewhere between 40%-70% of the final value.  It is important to keep this in mind and not expect the full melt value for your items as you shop around.  After all, gold buyers have to pay rent, employees and many other overhead expenses in order to make it possible to purchase your items.

5.  Know what your items are worth. Do your homework and make sure you know what karat your items are and how much they weigh.  The higher the karat, the higher the gold purity. Knowing this can help you determine the melt value of your gold and give you an idea of how much money to expect. Be sure when you do sell gold, not to let a jewelry exchange weigh your different karat items together, they should be weighed separately by karat.

6.  Make sure your gold buyer uses Acid Testing. One of the most common and most trusted forms of gold testing is the acid testing method.  It is the most accurate method and allows the best gold buyers to determine the true karat value of gold within seconds. Make sure before you sell gold to your local gold buyer that you ask how they test and verify your items.  Electronic testers have gained in popularity recently with gold buyers, touted as the “modern and accurate” way of testing precious metals.  However, these electronic testers can often provide inaccurate and contradicting readings, often misidentifying the karat value of your items.  This generally leads to receiving a lower valuation, which means less money in your pocket!

7. Don’t be afraid to haggle. If you feel the offers you are receiving are not in-line with your expectations, do not hesitate to negotiate.  Fair and reputable gold buyers, such as those listed on, will often be willing to negotiate for your business.  Don’t be afraid to mention you have gotten other offers and use them as a negotiating tool when you sell jewelry.

8. Ask About Certifications.   A reputable store who buys gold should be using proper equipment including accurate scales and testing equipment, and be compliant with any regulations.  Certifications often require verification of such testing equipment, testing procedures, and valuation methods.  Don't just sell your gold at any place that has a We Buy Gold sign.  Look for EZ Gold Exchange Certification credentials or other similar types of certifications.